A year or two ago, I bought a ReadyNAS and was having problems getting it to mount on Ubuntu. I tried various methods, but without much luck.

I’m writing this post now as I had to mount this share on my Linux laptop, and couldn’t remember how I’d done it on my Linux desktop.

It turns out I found a very easy method - I can’t say for sure whether this is better than other alternatives such as AutoFS, but it’s a lot simpler.

To start, install the NFS common package with Aptitude (or apt-get):

sudo aptitude install nfs-common

Then, edit /etc/fstab and add the following line (changing the IP address and desired mount point):  /media/Vault  nfs  users,_netdev,auto  0  0

Reboot once that’s done and you should see this directory on Nautilus' sidebar (or somewhere similar if you’re using a different file manager).